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Will I Require a Choreographed Wedding Dance?   by JulieTremp

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I sometimes take inquiries from couples who are stressed about choreography, several who presume they do not really need any choreography whatsoever and other folks who are looking for a highly choreographed dance.

For many of those who presume they don't want any choreography in the slightest, it would be best to first understand exactly what choreography really is, in advance of making any decisions about it.

The Collins English dictionary determines choreography as: ‘the steps and sequences of a dance’ or ‘the composition of dance steps and sequences’.

The word choreography may well refer to the make up of a complete production, for example, the ballet Swan Lake, or to no more than two or three dance steps connected in a pattern.

For people in the niche, 'choreography' is as common as 'recipes' are to a chef. No matter how advanced you are, you're guaranteed to come across simplistic and difficult recipes in most recipe guides.

The recipe for spaghetti bolognaise with a jar of processed sauce and boxed spaghetti is very very ordinary and easy, and applicable for a novice cook, even young children, but the recipe to achieve the bolognaise sauce from all natural materials and the spaghetti from eggs and flour is immensely different and necessitates more cookery expertise.

Both of these recipe’s result in a dinner of spaghetti bolognaise, although the smell, the taste and also the nutritional value are extremely different. If the outcome is a convenient 'palatable meal' then a novice cook will be sufficient with a simple, more hassle-free recipe to use.

The identical rationale works for dancing - a striking Waltz can be choreographed for all dancing grades and definitely will alter for newbies to advanced specialists. Regardless, you still land up with a glorious Waltz.

Choreography is similar to a recipe, if you are highly trained you can perform technical and complicated sequences, but if you're a starter, you'll want to firstly understand the easy steps to choreography.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, as soon as you add two steps to establish a series, you're choreographing. So can you understand now that the matter of choreography is not actually the issue it is the quality and appropriateness of the choreography that ascertains the end result.

An attractive and unique choreographed dance can look awful if it is not applicable to the skill level of the dancers as they will be too buried in thinking about steps and struggling to conduct them. Regular and easy to do choreography with versions of easy steps and some unique alteration of twirls to make them easy but interesting, can make novice dancers look much better than they truly are and in the case of grasping a dance exclusively for your Bridal Waltz, this would be superb.

Your trainer (who is also the choreographer) must be able to visualize through your eyes and vary the choreography to meet your skill level, personalities and your ideal outcome, not the teacher’s personal goal.

This is one of the reasons that teaching and choreographing a wedding dance is an expert subject mainly because you are simply wanting to look like you have an idea of what you are performing as you dance your First Dance on your wedding day and you wish to be able to fulfill that in just a small number of sessions.