Why You Should Go Study Russian In Russia

While some jobs require applicants to be able to speak and write in English, other jobs require people to be multi-lingual. And in our modern times, being able to speak a language other than a native language or English can be a very reliable arsenal in securing these jobs. A very interesting language in this case is the Russian language. Spoken by more than 150 million people, it sits at the top 5 most popular languages around the globe.

People who wish to learn how to speak or write in Russian have several options especially now that media plays a big part in sharing information across the world. People now have choices, from buying a CD teaching them how to speak Russian to logging on to the internet and learning Russian online. Of course, the old way of doing it is still there. If one wishes to lean how to speak Russian, he must study Russian in Russia.

By breaking down several aspects that differentiate the two, it will be easier to determine which one is more efficient, the traditional way (to study Russian in Russia) or going online.

Logging on to the internet and keying the words on a search engine is usually the first step for people who have been used to learning stuff online. Get the keyword in the search bar and voila, you will have hundreds and thousands of results for the taking. It is very efficient at a certain level because it no longer requires traveling, getting a visa and the endless search for which school offers the better courses in helping a student learn the Russian language. All that's required is a working computer and an internet connection. The downside to this is, the learning is only retainable for a certain amount of time, like any other teacher-student set up, the information the student acquires during class tend to be wiped out once the classes are done. Only a few people are able to remember the information shared and practice the application.

On the other hand, a teacher-student classroom setting, while having the student situated in an area of native speakers, in this case having someone study Russian in Russia, the information acquired during classroom hours is never really lost. The student is on a constant learning process because he would be inclined to test this newly acquired knowledge while having a vast amount of resource, such as people who are fluent in Russian. The student would be able to practice conversational skills, sentence construction and even writing in Russian without having to look for someone very specific.

Of course, in order to efficiently study Russian in Russia, one must be well prepared to adjust to the weather and culture. Learning the Russian language maybe hard at the first but repetition is the key. Like any task in this world, it may take some getting used to, but things will get easier as the days go by. Russian is very interesting and it is never too late to try and learn a new language.

By: Christral