Why You Should Become An American Sign Language Interpreter

When you realize that 1 in 1000 people in the world is deaf, it can easily be seen why American Sign Language interpreters fill such a needed role in society. American Sign Language, or ASL, is a unique language with its own grammar and vocabulary, and interpreters, which are in short supply, are desperately in a variety of different capacities.

ASL interpreters fill a much needed role in bridging the deaf and the hearing communities. Many Americans do not understand that deaf culture is an entity that differs greatly from the hearing community, despite the two existing side by side. As an ASL interpreter, you will learn that it is more than just language that separates the two communities; deaf culture has its own customs and attitudes which are very different from that of the hearing community. Remember that as a bridge between these two communities, you'll be doing a great deal to foster understanding between two different groups of people.

There are many venues of employment open for ASL interpreters, and where a position did not previously exist, people are very often creating them.

Video relay companies are prime employers of ASL interpreters; they set up a video camera that allows the deaf individual to sign to an interpreter, who then relays the communication onto a third party. There is also a market for medical interpreting, where an interpreter works almost exclusively with a hospital.

You'll also find that educational interpretation is a field on its own, with opportunities ranging from working with small children to working with university students. As an educational interpreter, you might be called upon to explain different customs to either hearing students or deaf ones, thus establishing a rapport between the two communities.

As an ASL interpreter, you will be breaking down the barriers between two communities which have grown apart. As people are becoming more educated about deaf culture and the deaf themselves, the need for interpreters is very strong and still rising. More and more companies are hiring ASL interpreters in order to provide excellent service to their customer base. When you become an ASL interpreter, you are becoming a part of a cultural exchange that will eventually benefit everyone.

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By: Roshan De Alwis