Wedding Dance

Normally, we call it march in. I feel wedding can be a very special one when the wedding couple dances into the ballroom rather than the normal march in.

My cousin had his wedding and surprisingly, there was this segment when he danced with his bride.

The dance served as an entertainment for us too.

Soon after, other guests joined them and we had our first dance too. The aisle was packed with dancing couples.

Even my aunties and uncles who are already in their sixties joined in too.

Rather an amazing sight to see. One of the very few in Singapore's wedding indeed.

If you are planning your wedding and have a special piece of music for your all important first dance, you may want to sign up your very first wedding dance lesson in a dance studio.

Through a course of private lessons, the dance teacher may be able to customise the dance lesson for you.

As you know, we all have different calibre. For me, I'm sure I'm not a good dancer because I can't coordinate the dancing steps well.

However, it is always worth a try.

At the dance studio, the experienced teachers can choreograph an individual dance to fit your music perfectly.

There are different type of wedding dances:

1. traditional Waltz,

2. sexy Argentine Tango