United States Of America Democracy Lost

That there is the problem. I address all of Capitol Hill with this information. Once again you have done a cowardly incompetent job for America. If the Democrats win they want to socialize America if the Republicans win corporate America wins. Either way which ever party wins the Amercian people lose.

Neither party is a viable solution. The American lanscape today is the result of Government incompetence. Both parties are only interested in their own well being not the American people.

With all the party campaign finance and lobbyist money given to each party which eqauls hundreds of millions of dollars how can they possibly serve America. They owe favors not to the people but their campaign contributors which happens to be corporations.

Politicians are scared to speak for the people because they are to busy bowing down to big money. Corporations should not be running this country which is who is really in charge.

So the questions is if cororations are running things then are we really a democracy? The American people have become 2nd place to big corporate money and interets. So I think the answer to that question is no we are not a democracy anymore.

Sure the American people can vote on issues at the state level. But when it comes to issues at the National level the American citizen has no vote or say in the direction of the country. Corporate money and politicians make those decisions. When they make those kinds of decisions the people and the country lose.

We can thank our cowardly, incompetent politicians in Washington for selling us out to corporate interests. Corporate interest make the political decisions not the politicians.

Evan today with the economy and the shape the country is in they

ares still bowing down to big money. People are still losing jobs, losing their houses and losing any sense of dignity of being an American citizen.

The Declaration Of Independence was brought about to avoid this kind of takeover. That document is now useless and void. It has no more meaning.