The Wedding Dance - New Modern First Wedding Dance

Have you seen the JK Wedding Entrance Dance? If you haven't then you have been on another planet. The video of the Bride and Groom dancing down the aisle with their Bridal Party to Forever by Chris Brown has over 30 millions views on YouTube, has been featured on the news and has been a popular social topic for months now. Surprise Wedding Dances are the new fad and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Many couples are leaving the traditional first wedding dance for well choreographed dances that leave their guests surprised and smiling. As you look on YouTube you see many dances inspired by the movie Dirty Dancing and Thriller by Michael Jackson. Couples are foregoing the traditional waltz and ballroom dance for break dancing, hip hop dance moves, and the latest dance moves of the time.

The number of couples that are taking dance lessons has jumped, dance choreographers have noted the increase for alternative wedding dances. These dance lessons rival those of Broadway productions, pushing weddings to a professional level. Weddings now are all about expressing your individuality as a couple and this is a way to make a statement as to what's different about you and your wedding.

It can be said that the surprise wedding dance was started by Michelle and John Brubaker, whose "Baby Got Back" dance was a big hit when released. The couple's dance was very good and is still one of the most popular videos online.