The Top 3 Easiest Document Translation Tips

Depending on the actual importance of the document you want to have translated, you generally have the following options: hiring a freelance document translator, getting in touch with a reputable document translation agency (by either visiting their office or contacting them via online means), or just going ahead and doing the translation yourself.

If you are having some legal, technical, or business documents translated, then the only logical option for you is by getting the services of a reputable document translation office. Do not mind the cost of their services”actual proficiency and excellence cost money, and you might need the services of the best people for mission-critical document translation.

Moreover, for really important documents, a translation agency would usually assign not a single translator but a team of professionals headed by a project manager”thereby ensuring nothing but exceptional document translation output. Consider it a wise investment”you do not want some inexpensive amateur translator botching up your business partnership contract, do you?

However, for easy document translation of non-mission-critical text (such as ordinary emails or some snippet of text from a foreign book you are just curious to understand), here are the three most common online ways to perform a quick document translation.

First and foremost, of course, is Google Translate. We have already almost exhausted the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Translate, but our "top three list" would be incomplete without it. As a free machine translation tool, Google Translate beats the competition (especially if said competition charges a fee) as it uses the search engine's massive database of words and languages as a basis of its language translation capability.

The website's interface continues to evolve as new features are added or changed, but the whole thing remains essentially the same”with consistent emphasis on ease of use. You only have to copy and paste the text (or upload the document file), and the document translation service is instantly performed by a single click.

Secondly, you may not be aware of it, but MS Office has a built-in language translation tool. If you already have a licensed copy of MS Office, you no longer have to pay anything extra. To access or use the document translation tool, just click on TOOLS then LANGUAGE, then TRANSLATE. A variety of language options are available, such as German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Dutch. Although the languages available for translation are not as extensive as that of Google Translate, MS OFFICE offers the most popular languages that should sufficiently cover the most common translation jobs.

Lastly, similar to MS Office is the open-source software called OpenOffice. You still do not have to pay for anything, and even by installing its document translation tool Writer's Tool extension, your wallet can still be safely unopened. However, this particular tool uses Google Translate to do the job, so this is essentially like going back to square one. The convenience, however, is obvious: you don't have to go outside the software to do some quick translation.