The Top 10 Hotels In America

It is quite a daunting task to name the top 10 hotels in America, simply because America is huge and has so many cities and towns. To start with, the favourite city amongst tourists would be New York, and the area would have to be Manhattan. The two top hotels over here with five star ratings are the Hotel Intercontinental the Barclay Hotel. The hotel is conveniently located, and is housed in a building that dates back to 1926. The hotel offers all the amenities of luxurious accommodation and is also situated conveniently close to all the famous New York districts and places to visit. Also housed in a building that dates back to 1926, and which has always been popular with discerning travellers, is the Hotel Omni Berkshire Place. The hotel is close to the Rockefeller Center, Broadway and Fifth Avenue, and offers all the convenience that is expected from a top rated hotel.

Moving down south to Washington, the Crowne Plaza the Hamilton CP is conveniently located in Washington DC, is popular with visiting dignitaries, and is just four blocks away from the White House. The Hotel Hyatt Regency is located close to Reagan Airport, and is ideally suited to the frequent traveller. Both hotels offer five star accommodation and the facilities of highly rated hotels.

Located in the heart of South Beach, Miami, is Hotel Delano, which is by far the best place for staying in when visiting Miami. The hotel has been designed by a famous French architect, and is a member of the Morgan group of hotels. The other top hotel in Miami is the hotel The Palm Beach South, which is located on the tranquil side of Miami and is an ideal spot to stay in when vacationing there. Hotel The Shore Club is another superb hotel in Miami, designed by a famous British architect and with beautiful landscaping surrounding the hotel.

Moving to the west coast of America to San Francisco, the two top hotels in this famous city would easily be the Hotel Clift and the Intercontinental. The Hotel Clift offers old style glamour elegantly mixed with modern day luxurious accommodation. The Intercontinental offers the luxury expected from this famous chain, and is conveniently located downtown.

Moving on to Los Angeles, the hotel Sofitel can best be described as style at its finest. It has been renovated recently and is a superb hotel to stay in when visiting LA. Another great hotel in LA is the Luxe Hotel on the famous Sunset Boulevard. The hotel is surrounded with lush gardens that give a touch of serenity and seclusion to this great hotel.

Any visit to America would call for a stop in Las Vegas, and the best place to stay in this haven in the desert would be the Hotel Nights at Vegas at Trump LV. The hotel offers five star apartment accommodation right on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

There are so many cities in America, and finding top quality accommodation is not an issue as some of the best chains of hotels are located in all the major cities of America.