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The most romantic of dances - the wedding dance waltz   by Ken MacKenzie

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2008-12-25)

The most romantic of dances, the wedding dance waltz is the traditional choice for weddings.

An easy and repeatable basic pattern will move you effortlessly around the floor and, the pattern forms the basis on which other attractive moves can be added later.

The wedding dance waltz is considered by many to be the foundational experience of ballroom dancing and no other dance can provide the dreamy Cinderella feelings of pure romance in the way that a waltz can.

That is one of the reasons why many couples select a waltz for the first dance on their wedding day. There is no other dance that better portrays the beginning of married life than the dance that began it all. The timing and tempo are intoxicating and very easy to follow.

To help you develop the skills necessary to do the wedding dance waltz, Mary Pinizzotto, the wedding dance expert, has released "First Dance Fabulous" a video dance lesson system that allows you to learn the waltz from the privacy of your own home.

The system is great for those who just don't have the time to take wedding dance waltz lessons in a dance studio. All you need to learn are a few simple elements that you can easily learn.

The waltz is based on a simple box step and, if your fiancé can walk down a sidewalk and step around a parking meter, he can lead you in a box step.

When choosing the arrangements for your wedding dance waltz there are some factors you need to take into account.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you would like to perform your dance as a solo routine or whether the Bridal Party are to be included after the first dance.

Next, you also need to consider the best time during the reception to perform the wedding dance waltz. It is often a good idea to do this immediately after cutting the cake when you have your guests' full attention and your MC is cued to clear the dance floor and announce your first dance. Your MC could also remind the guests to have their cameras ready.

It is far better to perform a short and well-rehearsed routine, than one that goes on for too long. One other point is that it's a good idea to arrange for someone to be responsible for fading the music at a specific point.

With the First Dance Fabulous system you will learn how to recognize the waltz by listening to the rhythm of the music. The basic patterns and sequences shown in Mary Pinizzotto's system will get you started so that you will feel confident to use them at your wedding.