The Best Reasons For Me To Study English

When we used to be children and began our English study, we must have faced with such a question: why do most people study English? Why the world language is not Chinese, for instance? There are so many people living in China (actually about 1.3 billion people)!

At a certain point when we studied history, we could understand why English came to be a world language now. The reason is because Great Britain gained colonial lands and English language was brought there. Ever since Great Britain spread all over the world and influenced all people, English has been the world language. We learn this from history, and as a matter of fact now English is among the most influential languages that is being used by the greatest number of people all over the world. World Media and especially World Wide Web are English-based. In other words, most information in the modern world is in basic English. Nowadays English is the official language of international business and scientific conferences and the main language of international tourism as well.

"What is it about tourism?" - people might ask you. And your answer could be: "The common language of worldwide tourism is very important not just for administrative workers and managers of tourist agencies, but for people who are travelling to one country or another. It is important for people because they could easily get information about a certain country, places of interest or resorts, they could get to know traditions and customs of the country they are going to visit. So English is the main language of international tourism.

Also, most music, advertising, TV cast, computers and video games are in English. If all these were in different languages, it would be difficult for all people to understand them.

For people all over the world to come together as one big global family the common language is vital. So English has become the language of international communication. If we share certain interests and views and wish to communicate with other people living in various parts of the world, we all should speak English as one common language to be able to interact. In fact, English is the native language for some 500 million people, and another 1 billion people speak English as a second language. So it is not a mere chance that English came to be the world language.

By: Papa Rusquin