Team Fitness America Top Ten Ways To Stay Fit Through The Holidays

It is never easy to stay fit through the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. With everything from the big holiday dinners to sugar induced office parties, it is almost impossible to stick to a regular fitness routine and healthy eating plan. Here are Team Fitness America's top 10 tips to stay fit, remain trim, and protect you from having to do a post holiday, crash diet.

Eat before you go to any event or holiday party.

Eating before you go to a place full of great tasting food, allow yourself to be full, giving you the ability to avoid all the heavy hors d'oeuvres stockpiled at each holiday event. Holiday parties and events are full of high fat foods and pastries. The time between Halloween and New Years proves, each year, to be a period full of high calorie events that can leave you only to be depressed from the addition of unwanted pounds. We have all kinds of events from the Harvest Festival to a Christmas Gala and even the Pineapple Festival, which each are all themed around different types of food. If you go with your stomach already semi full, then you will notice that most of the foods are not as appealing to eat. Munch on a few items and still have a good time, but by not going to your event hungry you will still feel satisfied, not tired from overeating, and accomplish not offending your hosts.

Get on a solid, effective nutritional plan.

Knowing what to eat is half the battle. Most people, deep down inside, know what foods are bad for them to consume but neglect to go with their "gut feeling" due to the lack of a plan or regime. Other people honestly do not have any idea and might think, "Cheese has milk and is a protein, and therefore cheese is good for me." Well, some cheese is good for you and some is not. With a solid, easy to follow nutritional plan, you will know what foods to avoid, what is good to eat, and what to venture towards at a holiday buffet, party, or other food event. A nutritional plan that covers your food choices, giving you foods that you like to eat, and the correct amount of caloric intake you should have will assist when you need it most.

Be accountable and stick with it.

Track your food in your online journal. An online journal is a great source for tracking, providing you with the ability to enter all of your food choices for the week, and if you have one, sync it to your PDA for ideal results. That way, if you are at a party or event and you want to see what might fit into your daily-allotted calories, then you will find yourself less likely to overindulge with unnecessary calories.

Always be ready and plan ahead.

If you know at 3pm, the office fills up with cakes and cookies, then plan ahead. Allow yourself one sweet at that time and plan healthy meals around that sweet so that you do not fill up on junk all day.

Lose the "I ate badly this meal so the whole day is shot" mentality.

So what you ate the doughnut for breakfast. Have a healthy lunch and counteract the bad food downfall. Assuming that one bad food choice has wrecked your whole day is not true and it is simply an excuse to eat badly for the rest of the day. Stop that behavior before it becomes a regular thought.

Make tomorrow today.

Most plans for eating healthy tend to be delayed with the thoughts of tomorrow or "When January rolls around I will have a great New Year's resolution." Every day you wait to eat healthy and exercise is one more day that you are further away from reaching your fitness goals. Instead of thinking about what you plan to do better tomorrow, just buckle down and do it today. Dig your heels in, make the call to a fitness professional, and get started today. Support throughout the holidays is exactly what you need both physically and mentally.

Hire a personal trainer or fitness specialist to get your fitness goals on track.

Seeing your relatives and friends once a year is now more common than ever, especially since we all are so geographically spread out, and you need to make the best impression possible. If you slack on your exercises or do not want to track your own progress, then a fitness trainer will stay on top of you and your goals. Some of us simply will not exercise unless we know that we have someone coming over to our house to make us do it. So hire a personal trainer to jump-start your exercise routine.

Use a service that emails you updates every day.

Some of us need more than just a personal trainer a few times a week and need daily encouragement with continued motivation. Some services, like Team Fitness America, provide daily nutritional and fitness updates with encouragements to keep us on track while we are attempting to meet our fitness and health goals. You can even upload before and after pictures so you can track your own progress visually and print out shopping lists to take to the store with you so you do not make impulse buys.