South America Sending More Travellers To Cuba Holidays Than Ever

Driven by the strong Argentinean market, for which new flight operations to Cuba have been established during the high winter season, South America has been an important source of tourists for the island's tourism industry.

With more South American tourists than ever taking Cuba holidays, this is a growing market that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon with a whopping 24.31 per cent growth this winter season compared to the same period in 2011, the year during which the region achieved its second consecutive record in arrivals to Cuba.

With over 47,000 South American visitors having enjoyed holidays in Cuba during this winter season, the island is gearing up to welcome more holidaymakers from the southern region during the following months.

According to data published this week by the Office of Information and Touristic Promotion of Cuba for Cono Sur (as they refer to the South American region), the six South American countries that have climbed their way to the top in terms of tourism arrivals, confirming themselves as strong emerging source markets for the Caribbean island, have also shown an upward trend since the beginning of the year, with most cases showing strong intentions for further travel plans to he island scheduled for the following months, which has been verified thanks some surveys and studies conducted by local travel agencies and tour operators servicing those markets.

The official report, revealed by Prensa Latina highlights the rapid increase in South American travellers going on Cuba holidays and explains how this increasing trend has been pushed and kept in the number one position thanks to the growing Argentinean market, which sent over 29,000 tourists to Cuba between January and the first week in March, marking a growth of almost 40 per cent when compared against last year's figures during the same period and a 86 percent when compared to 2010 figures.

For the Argentinean market in specific, between January and April 2019, the largest air operation existing at the moment has been established for the purpose of connecting Argentine passengers to the Caribbean island, with a full set of direct routes operating between the two countries and growing. Currently as many as 8 weekly flights to Cuba connecting Buenos Aires to Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo, Santa Clara and Holguin are operating, with further plans to establish more routes in the future.

Luis Aguilera, director for the Office of Information and Touristic Promotion of Cuba for Cono Sur, highlighted the fact that airlines such as TACA-Avianca, Copa, Andes and Lan Peru are showing strong interest in keeping and adding to their current operations which will expand the capacity for more passengers from South America to benefit from direct Cuba flights taking them to straight Cuba holidays.