See South America In A Different Light On A Working Holiday In Peru

The music, the people, the food. You might have an idea of what South America is about from watching films or TV, but being there is a different story. Experiencing the sights, smells and tastes will give you a new understanding for the place. One way of really getting in touch with South America is entering the Amazon rainforest and what better way to do this than taking a working holiday in Peru? Here you get to see the mostly untouched part of the rainforest and the wildlife it has to offer.

The Amazon rainforest covers an area of seven million kilometres and stretches through a range of South American countries. This vast forest contains over 70 % of the world's species. The preservation of these species and their habitat is crucial. One way to contribute to this is by taking a volunteer vacation in Peru. The Amazon is found in the Northeast of Peru, covering nearly two thirds of the country. As a volunteer you will be able to assist biologists and provide them with vital data to continue preservation and conservation work. Volunteers are amongst the most important factors in saving our planets wildlife.

Many are looking to escape to warmer countries during their holidays. The Amazon offers a sub-tropical climate with temperatures reaching highs of 36ºC. A working holiday will provide you with an experience rather than just long, often boring day at a beach. Volunteers make real, measurable contributions through gathering data, taking images, taking notes on animal behaviour and changes in vegetation.

The terrain is fairly flat in the area but with a complex river system. Canoeing around the rainforest will allow you to get close up to the animals and see how they really behave in their natural habitat. This will give you a completely different experience from looking at animals through bars in a zoo. The animals are free and their behaviour is not altered by anything. Many volunteers develop a whole new perception of wildlife and why it is important to save the rainforest. From your canoe you might see monkeys of all sorts jumping between the trees. The red face of the Red uakari monkey peeking out between branches to have a look whilst you glide past. If you are lucky you might spot a couple of jaguars and pumas sneaking between the bushes, or lazing under a shadowy tree during the hottest hours of the day. And if you look up you may even catch a glimpse of toucans, parrots and different types of macaws souring over your head. The colourful birds will be easy to spot against the blue sky. Spotting these animals will make your working holiday worth every drop of sweat.

By: Paul Smart