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Roseland School of Dance: Best of Ronkonkoma Dance Schools, Period.   by roselanddance

in Education    (submitted 2019-08-30)

August 9, 2019- Searching for the best Ronkonkomadance schools? Roseland School of Dance is here for you and now available online at their website, so search no longer. Serving both the Ronkonkoma and Oakdale area with superior facility and courses for 33 years, they are one of the finest schools available in New York. Without a doubt, they are the best of the Ronkonkoma danceschools.

If you want you or your child to rock into shape with zumba, bring your 20-36 month year old to a sing and dance along, or learn ballet/jazz/hip-hop all in one setting, Roseland School of Dance is for you. Some of the other programs this Ronkonkoma dance school offers are lyrical/contemporary dance, ballroom (such as Swing, Cha Cha, and Fox Trot), acrobatics, and specialized pre-school classes for those under five years old. Not just excelling in that, Roseland even offers specials, like 10 zumba classes for $50!

Speaking of money, this Ronkonkomadance school offers some of the most affordable prices for quality in New York dance! No class will run you above $100 per month. Most, such as the pre-school programs and acrobatics, will cost less than $50 a month! No other Ronkonkoma dance school does it better than Roseland School of Dance, so go learn some pointe or tap dance from them. So if you like to perform recitals for the costumes, dance for fun, enjoy the grace of being a ballerina, want to tone up with zumba or hip-hop, or even dance with your partner in a formal setting, Roseland School of Dance is the Ronkonkoma dance school to turn to.

What else is there to say about Roseland School of Dance's excellent courses? The facility are sterling examples of top dance and acrobatics instructors in New York. The best Ronkonkoma danceschool instructors around are at Roseland. Instructors such as Rose Kane, Paula Sanders, and Jenise Scanlon combine decades of dance instruction experience, gymnastics backgrounds, and even music video experience into one of the most creative and knowledgeable Ronkonkoma dance schools. The variation in their backgrounds is their strength, not their weakness. These instructors know the real secret of dance: creativity!

Another plus: multiple locations. One facility is in Ronkonkoma (otherwise, they would not be a good Ronkonkoma dance school, would they?) and the other is in Oakdale. While you cannot mix-and-match locations once you enroll in a class, it gives broader choice when choosing the best danceschool in New York to train at. With a pedigree among Ronkonkoma dance schools, years of experience, excellent staff, and numerous courses to train in it is clear to see why they have been a top Ronkonkoma dance school for almost three decades.

Don't believe they are the right Ronkonkomadance school for you yet? Get personal with them! Check out their blogs at their website or ring them up at 631-588-7970. Facebook and Twitter are also great options to contact them by. But at Roseland's website you can browse pictures, comment on their blog, or see in-depth rundowns of the instructors' bios so that you can really get comfortable with this Ronkonkoma dance school!