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Reputed Music School and Dance School in Kolkata For Learners   by Deepali Dutta

in Entertainment / Music    (submitted 2019-03-29)

There are many music schools in Kolkata that are of prime repute. These schools have an eminent train of teachers imparting the best quality training through scientific and proven methods. If you are looking to find a good dance school in Kolkata one of these could be your destination. These schools of yesteryears that sprang up from the zeal of providing the best training in art, dance and music are burgeoning in high numbers. Born out of a passion for true music lovers, these schools retain the best contemporary teachers and a group of ardent pupils. The schools are spread all over the city, North and South and they also have their respective branches in various parts of the city.


A dance school in Kolkata should be providing you with the options to learn the various styles of dancing like the Bharatnatyam, Odissi and the Kathak styles. These schools train the students up for the dance competitions on the television as well as in general. The competitors come and take training on different dance forms like the classical dancing, the Boogie Woogie dances, Pop dancing, Rabindra Nritya and so on. You get to learn the western and the Indian dances from the great Gurus.

These institutions of music and dance in Kolkata impart dance and music training to pupils of all ages. The teachers impart training with devoted. The cultural programs presented on Television or the Radio are steeped with the feeling of Bengal. They invoke the spirit of the great maestros of Bengal starting from Rabindranath Tagore and leading on to Uday Shankar and Satyajit Ray. The institutes also impart excellent musical education in Classical music, Hindusthani, Carnatic, and light music.


Music school in Kolkata caters to the cultural activities. These institutes had started with patrons who had music and art strongly embedded in their hearts. Enterprising members of these groups formed the music schools in Kolkata to give their dreams a definite shape. Presently they have all equipments to train students in the Bhratnatyam, Kathak, Odisi and other Indian classical dances as well as the western dances. They also train people in all the spheres of music, Rabindra Sangeet and classical as well as in the different instruments like guitar, sitar, violin and others.