More Study European Languages In South Asia

The rate at which numbers of English speakers are growing would suggest increasing popularity of the language in non-English-speaking parts of the world. There are more than 600 million people around the world who speak English as their first or second language. These statistics, however, do not take account of the popularity of other European languages. For example, Spanish has nearly 408 million speakers, who speak it as their first or second language. Similarly, there are many parts of the world where French is very popular. In non-European areas such as South Asia, however, students usually prefer to learn English as their first choice for foreign language studies.

With international education systems such as the International Baccalaureate gaining popularity in many countries, the options available to students have also increased dramatically. It is now common to read about German and Spanish degrees being offered by Chinese universities. The trend is still emerging, but it is clear that more students are now choosing to learn other European languages as well as English. Many among them are likely to head to universities where these languages could be the medium of instruction. Currently, there are more than 50,000 Chinese students studying in various universities across England. The number of those studying in German universities is around 14,000. Surveys indicate that South Asian students from China, South Korea and Japan constitute the largest groups of international students in most universities of developed countries. Many students choose to continue foreign language studies by taking a year off university education. This not only helps them master a new language but also allows them to pursue academic and career opportunities in these countries.

German, French and Spanish are the most popular European languages for South Asian students at language schools in the United Kingdom. Most students often begin their language training in English before beginning their university studies in England. Student counsellors say that many among them proceed to study other foreign languages as well during the course of their academic terms. The ability to speak a European language such as German or English, along with fluency in Chinese or Japanese, is highly valued by multinational companies, which have increasing trade links with South Asia. South Asians students see it as a golden opportunity to maximise their chances of employment. For students looking for an English language school London is a very popular destination. Many of its schools offer classes in other languages too. For instance, the German courses London offers help students to gain a working knowledge of the language before heading to Germany for further studies or a new job. Clearly, the merits of being multilingual in a globally competitive environment are not lost on the South Asians.

By: Deepthy Menon