Medical Dictionary Online

A medical dictionary is a lexicon of words used in medicine. Medical terminology is a vocabulary that accurately describes the human body and the processes taking place, and addresses of doctors and nurses.

An online medical dictionary is a complex website with a database on diseases, symptoms, treatment methods, medical terms and phrases. A medical dictionary contains thousands of medical terms and definitions and such online medical dictionary aims to become a tool that will save time and ease health professionals, medical students and others interested in the field of medicine. Many medical dictionaries are available online or as software for Windows or PDA, as well as in bilingual versions.

However, what you find in an online medical dictionary does not constitute medical advice, but is just pure information. This means you will not be able to set a diagnostic for your symptoms.

Medical dictionary is not a substitute for medical advice, but is intended for informational purposes only. If youre a doctor or nurse, and you need medical information regarding a particular disease or treatment, just to connect to an Internet source, to join the online medical dictionary search by word and give desired. The online medical dictionary will show you everything you need to know about disease and appropriate treatment. Also, medical terminology may be useful to medical students, who do not know all the names used in medicine. They can search in the search box, the word unknown, and will list all online medical dictionary definitions and links about the word searched. For example, if you search about acne, will show you the definition, it appears, at what age and how to apply treatment. In methods, people who are interested to find out some medical information, can access an online medical dictionary, and it will provide all data requested by the user.

An online medical dictionary also contains a medical glossary of medical terms, from which anyone can learn trivial things such as what and how to use a thermometer, which is administered as a pill or an IV. Even if you do not care about your life, you will find useful online medical dictionary. If youre a mom, online medical dictionary will help, until youll visit a doctor to figure out why your child has a fever or that his nose is runny.

It is not appropriate to apply the treatment provided on site without the knowledge of the treating physician, but only put you in touch with the dictionary explain medical terms.

By: Fannie Thomas