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Make Your Wedding Day Memorable By Learning A Wedding Dance For Your Special Day   by Shankar Kukreja

in Art / Dance    (submitted 2019-08-07)

The most important and beautiful part of a wedding celebration is the wedding dance and this is the reason why more and more couples join wedding dance lessons. This is the way in which one can make that first dance extra special. This is in fact a beautiful memory which the bride and the groom and every near and dear one can cherish for the rest of their lives. There are many dance classes, specializing in this particular celebration dance, and hence you should only opt for a trainer who specializes in teaching you how to look and feel comfortable, confident and beautiful on the dance floor in the most effective and fun way. One can join dance classes Melbourne some 6 months before the wedding. In fact six months training can teach you more than your bridal dance.

A very important way to start wedding dance lessons Melbourne is by finalizing a song on which the couple plans to perform. But it is the responsibility of the trainer to advice and decides the kind of music, dance and movements. It is very important to work hand in hand with the trainer while he choreographs for you special day. Many couples look for dance classes Melbourne which can teach and choreograph a complete routine so they can be the best on their wedding day. Many people for the sake of fun just want to learn the basic steps of a specific dance so that they can have fun on the floor. If you are not a trained dancer then it is always good to learn simple yet cute steps for your wedding dance.

There are certain guidelines which one should follow when preparing for a wedding dance. One should only take up those steps which makes one feel comfortable because nothing is as worse than spoiling one’s and one’s better half’s mood on the special day. It is very important to be patient. Hence, there is no point expecting a perfect performance in an hour’s practice session. You need to practice five hours at least to learn the dance. A very important thing to keep in mind is to always practice in the shoes which you will sport on your wedding day as this will give you a true idea of what it will be like dancing on your wedding day and you won’t end up getting a horrible surprise on your day. Also, you should be calm and confident and just remember to enjoy each other’s company, which is the key to a beautiful and perfect wedding dance.

These days not only the bride and the groom but also their parents take wedding dance lessons and therefore join dance classes Melbourne. Wedding dance is a new form which is gaining immense popularity and trainers agree that they get most energetic participants in this dance form itself. This is actually a new trend which is quite popular. The best gift which the bride and groom can give each other on their wedding day is a special dance dedicated to each other. It is however very important to look and feel confident, happy and calm when couples dance together.