Is it Better to Take Private Dance Lessons Or Dance Classes

Learning to dance is a skill that many people put on their list of things that they would like to learn or be able to do. Sometimes seeing a great dancer or even the latest dance movie like 'Step Up 2' can provide the spark that makes you want to start.

So you've made the decision that you want to dance like Chris Brown or Beyonce, how should you go about learning? Should you go to a group dance class that you can find pretty much in any town or dance studio, or go with 1 to 1 private dance lessons?

It's a very good question and there are some things to consider. Usually in a dance class there'll be lots of other people in the room and this can be uncomfortable for people who are very self-conscious about their dancing. So for some people the decision will be made already and they'll go for private dance lessons.

Or on the other hand due to the higher cost of private dance lessons, group dance classes are all they can afford and they choose to go with this option. The first thing that must be said is you should make a decision as soon as possible and go with it. You can always go with the other option later but you need to get started and it's best not to dither too long before making a start.

Private dance lessons are good if you know that you're a really bad dancer and would need a lot of tuition to improve. In a group dance class the teacher will teach you the correct way of doing things, however due to class numbers they'll be unable to correct all your mistakes as you make them.

In a private dance lesson a teacher can focus on just you so can take the points which aren't working with your dancing, any reoccurring mistakes and make them right. This is important for someone who admits they're a bad dancer because they often need someone to correct their mistakes and get them out of bad habits.