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International Happy School In Shahadra   by Deepak Kumar

in Education / K-12 Education    (submitted 2011-05-16)

The smile on their faces is enough to tell you they're happy. The anxious parents are waiting outside for their children and in a few more minutes the school bell will ring. That would be the end of a tight week full of classes, but the children are busy at yoga class, while the kindergarten is busy with clay modeling. None of the children seem to want to leave the school premises and yet, these were the very children who came in crying not willing to leave their parents or home, would now much rather not go home.

That's because Happy school though catering to the nursery and primary classes has an all time fun and frolic ambience without the somber middle and senior school. Operated by Ravi Bharti Shiksha Samiti a registered organization, the school has occupied its place amongst the leading progressive schools in the country. International Happy school offers education from nursery up to the primary level and its motto is the "The development of the head, heart and hand".

It is obvious that the school just doesn't focus on the 3 R's but emphasizes on academics as well as on the co and extracurricular activities inorder to develop a competitive and team spirit in the children through a variety of games and competitions. Infact, the co curricular activities like dance and music are an integral part of the school curriculum. Along with teaching, schools also give great importance to physical education and yoga for all round development of the children.

The primary aim of the school is to develop to the fullest, the finest qualities in the child. Learning at International Happy School, is for life and a lot of emphasis is laid on character of the child to participate creatively as citizen in emerging democratic social. Everyday after assembly in the morning, the children are checked for their nails and cleanliness of uniform. Late comers are punished and in this manner a sense of strict self discipline; cleanliness and punctuality is developed among the students.

The school imparts education in both English and Hindi medium and in the process strives hard to give quality education to its students. Apart from the usual academic curricula prescribed by CBSE, the school also has computer as one of the subjects recognizing the needs of the future. Medical facilities are given to all the students in case of illness or injury. The parents are informed if the doctor finds that a student needs special medical care. International happy School in Shahdara, was really doing its part of moulding its students into socially aware and responsible citizens.