How To Shop At Us Retailers Online From Latin America

Purchasing from American retail stores online can be difficult without an American address. Many of the major retail chains in the United States will only ship products directly to your door if you're located within the United States. This has caused many problems for those in foreign countries who wish to take advantage of the innovative products sold by American companies online. Thankfully, one Miami based company has designed an efficient shopping solution that will help those located in Latin America to make their purchases online and have the product shipped directly to their door in one streamlined process.

Based in Miami, Florida, eShopex has earned a highly regarded reputation by connecting consumers with the brands they cherish. Around 80% of the retailers in the United States do not shop internationally. By signing up at eShopex, consumers obtain a Miami based shipping address, which will act as the US based shipping address for their transactions when they purchase their products online. Once they sign up with eShopex, this address will be sent directly to their email and from there, they can shop online and purchase from any number of fine U.S. retailers.

The eShopex method of online shopping offers the most cost effective and easy to use method for those looking to shop online at U.S. retailers from their home country.

Here is how the process works once registered with eShopex, the shopper selects their chosen item and then through a simple click through process, requests that eShopex purchases that product on their behalf. Within two days of that first communication, the shopper will receive a detailed email that provides a complete itemized billing for their purchase. Then the customer can make their payment through one of eShopex's highly secure payment systems. After payment is completed, the product will then be shipped to their eShopex provided Miami address and then redirected to the customer's home.

Access to the efficient and highly secure eShopex processing system means that customers in Latin America can now shop from U.S. retail stores online catalogues, select from their favourite brand names and receive the many benefits that American internet users enjoy.

The company is built on a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of logistics, Ecommerce, finance and marketing. Created in 2000, eShopex has now become the online shopping home for over 100,000 customers across 100 countries worldwide and has gained international recognition for its dedication towards providing a highly interactive sales area for top brands across a variety of industries. Whether you're searching for your child's favourite toy from the Disney store, or that designer shirt from the Banana Republic, eShopex is your own personal gateway to help you shop online from U.S. retailers.

Based on a company history of over 10 years' experience in product distribution, eShopex is swiftly gaining recognition for their ability to help customers in Latin America gain first-hand access to the online catalogues of United States-based retail giants. With over 100,000 satisfied customers to date, eShopex is now considered one of the most trusted online distribution experts. For more information, please go to Eshopex english.