Higher Language Entry Level To Study In The Uk

Two-thirds of non EU migrants are coming to the UK under student visas. To cut net migration from 200,000 to below 100,000 by 2015, the UK government are expected to cut down the number of overseas students entering the UK at below degree level.

One option proposed by the Home Office to solve this matter is to raise minimum English language skill level. Currently, students studying in the UK at below degree level are required to have a B1 English level, which is equivalent to intermediate language skills. According to the proposal, the minimum level is expected to increase to B2, or "upper-intermediate competency".

"We want a student visas system which encourages the entry of genuine students coming to study legitimate courses - that means students who are equipped to study their courses", said Home Secretary Theresa May.

However, knowing that English language learners would probably need more time to reach higher minimum levels, and to allow legitimate English language colleges to continue to offer opportunities to genuine students, the government will extend the period that the students can remain in the UK under the student visitor visa from six to 11 months. The extension will go into practice at the start of the year.

By: Thanh Tra Dinh