Getting The Best Spanish Translation

Human Spanish Translation or Machine Spanish Translation?

A machine translation is a computerised process whereby a service analyses the source text and tries to translate it, turning it into a target text. This is done without the interference of humans. Of course, this can be very practical if you only want a single word or very simple phrase. However, it should never be used as a replacement for a human translator.

Computers are not capable of dealing with the complex issues that make up a language and hence don't know about syntactic irregularities, ambiguities, Anglicism, context or false cognates for example. Basically, a machine Spanish translation is the same as giving someone a dictionary and getting them to translate the individual words.

Do You Want a Translation Agency or an Independent Translator?

There are many advantages to using an agency to perform your Spanish translation that cannot be provided by independent translators. These advantages include:

- They will screen the translators for you. Some have a network of freelance translators whilst others have a Spanish translation team in house. Either is absolutely fine, as long as you know that they are properly vetted and that they actually have the qualifications they claim to have.

- Generally, a translation agency will have a proofreader who will look over the Spanish translation. This is generally an independent person and the cost of this is included in your quote.

- Usually, a Spanish translation agency is better equipped to meet very tight deadlines.

Things to Think About

When you are looking for someone to complete your Spanish translation, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, whether you are working with an agency or an independent Spanish translator, you should always check qualifications. Next, make sure that you request a number of quotations and read these through thoroughly. You need to look for things such as whether proofreading is included, when payment is expected and what to do if a deadline isn't met.