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First Wedding Dance Songs- how to choose   by Honeymoon Band Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

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The first dance between the bride and the Groom is the most important song at the reception. It is three and half minutes where the two of you looking at each other, holding one another close and smiling. A lot of couples are not super enthusiastic about dancing, let alone in front of family and friends, some couples choose to engage the bridal party, family and friends into the dance as soon as possible. If you choose the path of traditional waltz, just because you aren't going to be waltzing around like professional dancers, the song you choose is still very important not only for everyone watching, but also on an emotional significance for the pair of you. The song could be performed by your wedding band or having it played from a CD. Some things you may wish to keep in mind when choosing your First Dance song

Lyrics- Ensure you listen to them and know what the song is about. The last thing you want is to pick a song with rude words or inappropriate content.

Importance - Does this song have any special meaning to you or is it "just a song". It is always better to have a special connection to your choice because that is what will make it YOUR song.

Compromise- some times, couples have completely opposite tastes in music, the song is one of the few that should be agreed upon happily.

Practice - dance to your song as a couple before the night a few times so you know what to expect.

Choose a song that represents your style. Some couples consider using the same song that their parents danced to at their wedding, or a song that has cultural, family or ethnic significance.

Over the internet there is a vast resource of popular first dance songs or can ask amongst friends, wedding band or DJ the most common first dance songs.

Some couples even prefer to take dance lessons and make a performance on their first dance. Mixing up a few different genres of music that shows their character as a newly married couple. Sometimes the more off-the-wall and funky types of music can make really fun and unexpected First Dance performances; especially when starting with a slower more traditional type of music.

Remember that first dance is possibly one of the most memorable moment at your reception that your family will cherish forever.

For more details you can always check our blog or email our website for more references and specific song titles.