Economic Recovery And Business Portal

Though American companies are making huge profits, they are not hiring new employees as quickly as thought. The stock market hasn't seen the type of growth many anticipated it would see either. The bottom line here is that 2011 is looking a lot like 2010, 2009 and 2008.

"It's taken us a very long time to get back to even," says economist Paul Kasriel of Northern Trust. "It's been the weakest recovery since the recovery that began in April 1933."

But there are good signs. Analysts believe things could turn around in '11. Kasriel is predicting that the economy in America will grow about 3.3 percent this year. The American economy has to create 150,000 jobs per month to take unemployment statistics down steadily. This is a very tough to make happen, but some predict it could.

When the American economy is strong, it represents other economies in the world too. The reason for this is simple, it's all a global economy. So the world has largely been hurting for a few years.

However, a trend has picked up dramatically internationally and it showed during the holidays season of late 2010. The amount of people doing business online is climbing dramatically as each year goes by. Holiday shopping in 2010, by some estimates, saw a 12 percent jump in America. That's a jump of $27.5 billion. In the United Kingdom, online sales were up reportedly 44 percent compared to 2009. This boom is the most massive ever seen in online retail history.

"If you're a retailer with a strong online presence, there might just be a little reason to celebrate," says business expert Tracey Schelmetic. "I would appear that Americans have had it with physical shopping."

This indicates that the predictions of our business community moving to the Internet from the 90s are coming true today. Add to that reports that Internet use is growing in India and that China is becoming a global leader on the 'net, and it would seem that the Internet is taking over business.

Businesses are going online to buy their supplies en masse in 2011. Some experts are pointing at this as one thread in the tapestry of economic recovery. One web page that an International list of clients is turning to is

Tradelit is a business to business portal with opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Vendors and providers alike have come to Tradlit from India, Canada, the United States and places all around the world. The service is outstanding and the prices are fair.

With more people turning to the Internet to do their business, it would seem that the Internet would be one of the first places people would go to dig themselves out of the recession.

"I believe that the Internet is one of the main tools that will get us out of the economic problems we have today," says Financial Advisor Jim Mukherjee. "People will be doing their buying and selling on the net. Just look at how many people are turning to the Internet for music, clothes, electronics. The old fashioned storefront is becoming a thing of the past."

"People will always want to get into a car," says Russell Carter of Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, Maryland. "They need to see it and smell it. They need to take it for a test drive before they buy it. It's a major investment and just seeing some cell phone picture of a car on the Internet isn't enough to convince people."

Yes, some definitely want to go to the physical car dealer and touch the actual car. However, web pages such as and have seen massive booms in business during the last five to ten years.