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Dancing For Weight Loss   by Louis Edwards

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Dancing for weight loss is similar to any other vigorous exercise with great health benefits like fast walking, jogging or running. When you take part in dance-based workouts on a regular basis, you can burn up 200-500 calories per hour, like with jogging, swimming or cycling. Remember the key to successful weight loss is always your commitment to exercising vigorously, as well as proper diet and nutrition. These should be accompanied by drinking lots of water, coaching, and group support.

Coaching for dance has become very available these days at places like gyms and dance studios, and at very affordable prices too. Plus, there is a lot of fantastic group support as these venues have become very popular for having fun. They attract a wide range of public to dance workouts like with Zumba, for example. This is a new dance style that requires no special skill or even dancing partners. Dancing for weight loss is mainly to the Latin music beat of Salsa and Reggaeton.

Sounds exciting already? Well join up and learn a dance from today. Benefits from dancing to lose weight include slower heart rate, reduced blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels. Start slow but move up to the high energy dances which include Salsa, Samba and Cha Cha. Or how about Hip Hop? This is another high energy workout where instructors will break down the moves in simple forms for you, starting with slow music at first.

How about some slow dancing for weight loss as a start up? Belly dancing will strengthen your thighs, hips, torso and stomach. As well, it is very exciting when performed at private parties or at home. Remember it could be you performing there if you practice or learn dancing for weight loss. Or what about the Hula Hoop? Hula Hoop is all about the strengthening of your hips-try it out. All you need is a hoop to show off your special moves.

Dancing for weight loss can be a great cardiovascular that lowers risk of heart attack. It is also a fun activity, which you can enjoy. There are so many different choices available to you, with so many possible health benefits. Take ballroom dancing, for example, one of my favorites. It includes Latin American dance which can be very aerobic. Also, because it is weight bearing, it builds bone density and excercises most of your muscles. Your balance and co-ordination are enhanced.

Bollywood dancing for weight loss is certainly one of the new dance fitness trends sweeping through America and the world. There are dance classes for Bhangra-based dancing for Hollywood movies. It consists of a variety of modern Indian dances with a street style choreography that can be attractive and fun to be a part of.

African dancing, both contemporary and traditional, can be extremely aerobic. It will build your endurance and stamina, as well as improve blood circulation, muscle tone, and health overall. More gentle dancing for weight loss could be Ballet. Adults can do it too. It can work even through pregnancy, so you should be dancing for weight loss.For the sexy workouts, learn strip dancing or pole dancing for weight loss.

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