Building A Business Mailing List For Sales Leads

Over the past 15 years, business to business or B2B marketing has gone from being handled by door-to-door traveling sales personnel to the refinements of direct lines of communication. With the Direct Marketing Association reporting third quarter 2010 sales of $6.1 billion, an all-time high, the evolution of B2B marketing seems completely revolutionized.

Today's technology makes B2B marketing more effective than at any other time. Marketing departments with strategically constructed databases give every marketing initiative targeted prospects who are likely to respond to your direct mail, telemarketing or direct e-mail marketing.

For American B2B direct mail lists, e-mail or tele-marketing lists that can be rented or purchased from have proven to launch many successful marketing campaigns. When merged with the company's existing customer database, the marketing department has a powerful list of targets with new reach and broader coverage.

B2B marketing has resulted in outsourcing of everything from raw materials to finished products to technology. A company with outdated technology or outdated marketing practices cannot compete effectively in today's global economy. With online technology and B2B databases to expand product knowledge and convey competitive pricing, businesses now use these marketing databases to send advisories, special offers and reach out to new users.

Mailing List Shop provides lists that can be added to the company's existing database to add prospects that are targeted by region, industry or contact type. These lists provide the business buyer with new marketing weapons.

As the world emerges from the biggest global recession in history, the firms that are utilizing technologically enhanced marketing practices, like demographically charged direct mail, direct e-mail or direct telemarketing are leading the way out of the recession.

In the United States, the Monday following Thanksgiving is called Cyber-Monday. This year more than $20 billion in sales were transacted over the internet in just that one day.

In the third quarter of 2010, the Direct Marketing Association reported the most direct marketing activity in history. More than $6.1 billion in direct marketing spanned the globe. Direct marketing may be the biggest beneficiary of B2B databases.

Using the database, marketing departments can demographically charge every component of direct marketing. The opportunity for success increases and every solicitation is received by a prospect with purchasing potential. The return on investment rate is extremely high. In essence, this has driven direct marketing to new levels. The question is no longer whether your business should have a B2B database but rather how can you afford not to have the database.