Best Hotels In Latin America With A View

Latin America is full of spectacular scenery. You can hike through the rugged mountains, the sweltering deserts, the frozen tundra, or the bug-infested jungle to see all the fabulous views the continent has to offer. Or, you could just check it all out from the comfort of your hotel bed.

Latin America has plenty of quality hotels in remarkable locations, and the special ones offer remarkable sights right out of hotel room windows. Here is a list of some of these hotels, with the guarantee that you won't have to leave bed to appreciate your beautiful surroundings.

Casa Andian Isla Suasi, in Puno, Peru. This hotel sits on its own personal island in Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. It is an eco resort with wood-burning fireplaces and solar powered facilities. The rooms offer never-ending lake views, where you can watch the sun rise and set over the crystal clear waters. This is the ideal place for quiet, isolated relaxation.

Luna Runtun, in Banos Ecuador. This adventure spa resort sits on the mountains overlooking the city of Banos. The views not only include a great vista of the city, but also of the surrounding mountains, volcanoes, and forests. The best place to enjoy these views is from one of the hotel's numerous outdoor cliff-side pools, although many rooms have large windows with breathtaking views as well.

Arenal Observatory Lodge, in Arenal, Costa Rica. Several hotels surrounding Costa Rica's most active volcano offer volcano views, but none of them are as good as the sights from Arenal Observatory Lodge. Floor-to-ceiling windows in some rooms allow guests to fall asleep to the site of lava trickling down the volcano's slopes.

Eolo Lodge, in El Calafate, Argentina. Patagonia is a remarkable place with sweeping landscape and almost intimidating isolation. Marvel at this without stepping outside when you stay at Eolo, an estancia-style lodge with steppe and mountain views. However, the hotel also offers horseback riding tours, if you do happen to want to see the scenery close up.

Colca Lodge, in Colca Canyon, Peru. If you want to appreciate what life looked like during the Inca times, visit the comfortable Colca Lodge. The lodge itself offers a relaxing spa and pristine modern rooms, but the view itself is ancient. The hotel rests in a small valley next to a river, and agricultural terraces encircle the canyon, a truly remarkable site.