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Ballroom Dance Shoes   by Groshan Fabiola

in Entertainment    (submitted 2008-07-29)

Ballroom dancing is more popular than ever. For one thing, there is a popular television show, "Dancing with the Stars," millions of people tune to so that they can watch the ballroom dancing pros team up with the celebrities. Everyone looks gorgeous and the costumes are elaborately constructed. Flowing gowns, feathers, ruffles, bare midriffs, sparkles, and bangles, the costumes make or break the performance. Each costume is not complete without the perfect pair of dancing shoe to complement the look. Anyone watching can't help but wonder how do the ladies dance in the high heels? The answer is that these shoes are specially constructed to provide comfort and support for the dancers. Men's and women's shoes alike are made to be attractive as well as functional. A good pair of ballroom dance shoes should be light as a feather, have proper cushioning for the sole and suede soles on the bottom.

Swing dance clubs are cropping up across the country, and enthusiastic dancers of all ages enjoy an evening out with friends and jive music. The clothes are fun, and there are dancing shoes to compliment each outfit while being comfortable enough to allow the dancers to dance the night away. Proper ballroom dance shoes are essential when dancing those small steps.

Salsa is a hot dance reminding everyone of Mambo. Many people join salsa dancing clubs and travel around to meet other clubs from nearby areas to perform at schools and clubhouses. The costumes are sexy and beautiful. Every salsa dancer needs a pair of salsa dance shoes to compliment and be supportive enough to make those provocative moves. The suede soles allow the ladies to spin and keep their footing.

Ballroom dancing, Swing, Salsa or Smooth, is a popular way to stay in shape. Classes are being offered at private dance schools and fitness clubs in nearly every city in the nation. What better way to show-off all those hours of practicing in these classes than to invest in a costume and dance shoes. Plus the proper dance shoes will allow you to learn faster, equipment is very important for the student. Keep your feet happy and they will dance the night away.

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