Are You a Dancer Or Do You Dream of Dancing

Do you dream of being as good on the dance floor as those you watch from the bar in your local club? Have you ever thought about how to learn to dance, but been put off by having "two left feet? Many people feel their poor co-ordination means they can never learn to dance.

This misnoma simply is not true, dance lessons are difficult of course. Mind you when you start anything new you wouldn't expect it to be easy. Recent scientific research has even shown that men who demonstrate their ability to dance are more likely to be selected by a potential partner.

If you want to learn to dance, it's a good idea to try a range of styles. Some people enjoy hip hop dance lessons, while others like the structure of formal ballroom classes. Private dance lessons are another option, although being more expensive this can put some off.

Private dance classes are however a good way to make progress quickly. Some dance schools offer a free trial or "taster session" to allow you to venture into the unknown without making a significant financial commitment. While others allow you to pay as you go only paying for the dance lessons which you attend although per hour these usually work out more expensive if you attend every week.